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RIM’s BlackBerry 6 mobile operating system

Plus is MSI coming out with a 3D laptop? And Nokia's financial results

July 23, 2010
MSI prepping passive 3D laptop using cheaper glasses, TriDef 3D software
ZD Net
Sean Portnoy writes that MSI is reportedly working on a 3D laptop device.

“DigiTimes is reporting that MSI is getting such a passive 3D laptop ready for a mid-September release. Instead of using Nvidia’s 3D Vision solution, MSI will be using an integrated GPU from Intel in conjunction with Dynamic Digital Depth’s (DDD’s) TriDef 3D software. There’s no official word about a stateside release, but DigiTimes says the laptop will be priced under $1,000 when it becomes available.”

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Nokia’s Lack of a Killer Smartphone Hurts Earnings
Stan Schroeder writes about Nokia’s financial (un)successes.

“It’s no secret that Nokia’s failure to compete in the smartphone arena is hurting its business, and it shows in the company’s Q2 financial results. While Nokia continues to dominate worldwide low-end and mid-range device sales, it’s not making enough money on smartphones, and nothing the company has shown in the recent months gives clear indication it’s on the right course.”

RIM: BlackBerry 6 to handle media just as well as e-mail
Ars Technica
Chris Foresman writes about some of the new features for RIM’s BlackBerry 6 mobile operating system.

“Several of the new or improved features, now commonplace on other mobile platforms, will be welcomed by current BlackBerry users as well as the younger demographic that RIM has targeted in recent ad campaigns. For example, when loading music using BlackBerry Media Sync, album art will be transferred for easier browsing. New video features include controls to account for different aspect ratios, Internet searching for video content, and built-in YouTube uploading. The camera software has been overhauled with face detection, video capture capabilities, scene modes, and better on-screen controls. And a separate podcast app has been added for syncing and listening to podcast.”

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