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Samsung buying RIM could kill Apple — or maybe Samsung

CDN CURATED: Rob Enderle sees either success or failure in a RIM/Samsung marriage

While Samsung is backing away from rumours it’s interested in a purchase of Canada’s Research in Motion (apparently IBM is the latest alleged suitor), Rob Enderle opines a Samsung/RIM marriage could be fatal for Apple. Or maybe Samsung. For someone, anyways:

Once again, there are rumors that Samsung is looking to buy RIM. On paper, this could kill Apple. The problem is that most mergers of this scale fail catastrophically, and Samsung historically doesn’t do big mergers.

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All kidding aside, Enderle is right in that big mergers are hard to do well. It’s easy to buy a company (just ask Larry Ellison and Oracle) but integrating the pieces is more difficult (see Oracle Fusion). With Samsung’s alleged lack of interest though, it may all be academic.