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SAP updates Duet channel

New channel program now available from the software vendor

More than 400,000 licensed users have partnered up with SAP since the launch of Duet, the co-created management-focused business application with Microsoft specifically designed for Office.

With that SAP is offering a partner program consisting of sales kits, partner playbooks and training resources, among other things, to help make selling Duet all the more easier.

Doug Merritt, corporate officer and member of executive council, and head of business development for SAP, while at Toronto’s Granite Club for a seminar, said, SAP will focus on maintaining its support in its user communities in the coming years.

“We want to ensure continued support in our partner community,” Merritt said. “This software is a landmark event for IT software because we now have the ability to integrate consistency with user empowerment.”

According to Merritt, SAP also wants to continue its path towards innovation by continuing to provide effective solutions to software providers and businesses around the world.

“We want to ensure IT is at the core of the world, especially when it comes to worldwide productivity,” Merritt said.

Merritt added that there’s a widespread customer adoption rate of our SAP platform. “People are using these applications to stay connected.”

SAP maintains Duet helps boost worker productivity by improving time management skills, helps cut training time and costs and also helps to ease decision making.

With this application, appointments can be scheduled, employee information can be accessed and even travel arrangements such as hotel and car reservations can be booked using this software.

Of the 400,000 licensed users there are 200 Duet customers worldwide. According to Merritt, these numbers are expected to grow.

“Our users are rapidly growing as more people are now coming up to speed on infrastructural items,” Merritt said. “More of them are beginning to experiment with our business solutions.”

When it comes to training and support for these applications, SAP says it has stepped up to the plate.

“People used to be overwhelmed with the installation of SAP applications,” Merritt said. “But we have developed product training and we have published application materials to help make training and implementing easier.”