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SimpliVity to further support OpenStack

SimpliVity partners with Huawei Technologies.

One of the pioneers of hyper-converged infrastructure SimpliVity Corp. announced at the Open Stack Conference in Vancouver that it will now support the KVM hypervisor and OpenStack.

The Westborough, Mass.-based vendor with an office in Toronto is banking on customers who prefer the customizable and flexible features of the open source KVM platform will benefit from SimpliVity’s hyper-convergence offerings.

Jesse St. Laurent, vice president, product strategy for SimpliVity, said the company’s strategy is to design its hyper-converged infrastructure platform to be hypervisor-agnostic. Customers can now also leverage OpenStack to orchestrate private clouds built on SimpliVity’s hyper-converged infrastructure with VMware vSphere and KVM.

Founded in 2009, SimpliVity burst onto the scene in 2013 with hyper-converged infrastructure as a disrupting solution at the VMware PEX conference. PEX may by no longer as parent company EMC will morph it into VMWorld starting next year, but SimpliVity keeps going and has raised more than $276 million in venture capital, while employing a 100 per cent channel model.

SimpliVity has fully integrated its hyper-converged platform into OpenStack, providing a hybrid cloud management experience for customers using VMware vSphere and KVM. SimpliVity’s platform combines all the data centre services and functions below the hypervisor onto commodity x86 systems – including the compute, storage, network switching, native data protection (including local and remote backup), cloud gateway, caching, WAN optimization and real-time de-duplication.

This is what SimpliVity is saying OpenStack customers may get:

  • Mobilize and protect their KVM and VMware vSphere virtualized workloads;
  • Discover and monitor virtual machines (VMs);
  • Provision new VMs and set policies for data protection at the individual VM level;
  • Manage the backup, restore, and cloning processes.

SimpliVity, as part of the The OpenStack Foundation, has contributed to the enhancement of Nova (compute) and Cinder (block storage) services of OpenStack.