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Smart TV: Six big features that matter

Plus, new Apple lawsuits in Germany and HP's POS solutions

January 17, 2012

Smart TV: Six big features that matter On ZDNet, looks at the most important features. “But, as with most other device designations, the definition of a Smart TV is a bit amorphous. Features vary, with some devices, for example, touting voice controls while others more prominently featuring the ability to sync with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There’s simply a lot going on, which is why it’s helpful to take a look at six of the key features that are likely to separate the Smart TV winners from their less fortunate counterparts,” he writes.

Fresh Apple lawsuits target 15 Samsung gadgets The Register provides an update on the battle between the companies. “The tablet-centric suit targets various Galaxy Tab models, including the 10.1N, introduced by Samsung in November 2011 to bypass a ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This despite being told by the Dusseldorf court that Apple is unlikely to prevail in a case against the 10.1N,” the site says.

HP touting POS solutions at national retail federation event On The VAR Guy, gives a report. “So what solutions is HP tallying up for partners? The HP Slate 2 is available with a combined barcode scanner and card reader for mobile POS services. That’s something HP had planned to do with the Slate 2 from the beginning, but this seems like the first official rollout. HP also has an update to the HP IX (interactive experience) kiosk modules, which goes nicely with its upgraded HP CX (customer experience) self-checkout technology, which also is on display,” he writes.