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SoftwareONE launches new à la carte asset management solution

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The vast majority of organizations globally do not have mature software asset management (SAM) processes or tools in place, and SoftwareONE is hoping to change that with its latest product.

The US-based software portfolio management provider has unveiled SAMSimple, an end-to-end managed service that automates complex SAM processes while reducing the cost of the entire software portfolio.

For companies lacking the budget, priorities, or expertise to implement an effective SAM practice, SAMSimple addresses the most common organizational pain points.

For example, the à la carte customer solution gathers software deployment data across various hardware, virtual environments, operating systems, and cloud platforms to solve inaccurate inventory issues, and simplifies the often intricate terms and conditions of software licensing agreements for users.

It also records every purchase with its specific use rights to cut down on mismanaged entitlements, facilitates responses to publisher audits so that users can skip the time-consuming exercise, and eliminates the struggle of finding skilled people who understand the wide range of licensing complexities that come with each publisher by automating the process.

“Many business and IT leaders are balancing numerous business priorities, leaving less bandwidth to focus on implementing a new SAM practice. With SAMSimple, we are simplifying software portfolio management, providing more transparency and governance, while reducing costs and ensuring compliance for all software assets,” Patrick Winter, CEO of SoftwareONE, says in an Aug. 17 press release. “SAMSimple provides the required tooling and leverages SoftwareONE’s expertise and intelligence in software licensing to give back control of software assets to IT leaders.”

The solution offers “purchased versus installed reconciliation, matching inventory and usage against purchase orders and contracts” to reduce costs, and re-harvests software that’s ineffectively used to deliver even more savings.

SAMSimple is available today for immediate use.