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Stretchable technology maybe coming to market

Stretchable high tech applications targeted are primarily in healthcare

Stretchable electronics concerns electrical and electronic circuits and combinations of these that are elastically or inelastically stretchable by more than a few percent while retaining function.

Now that you know what it is, how can the channel take advantage of this technology?

But first here are some of the characteristic of stretchable electronics. They tend to be laminar and usually thin. Its fully watertight. It is also important to consider stretchable electronics as a part of printed electronics, a term taken to include printed and potentially printed (eg thin film) electronics and electrics. This is because the cost, space and weight reduction sought in most cases is best achieved by printing and printing-like technologies.

The applications targeted are primarily in healthcare, including health-related monitoring and management for military purposes and sport. About 40 per cent of the research and commercialisation of stretchable electronics takes place in the USA, with the UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Korea and Japan, also making a broad impact.