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Suite deal for system builders

System builders who use Intel motherboards will now be able to offer the latest version of Norton’s Internet Security suite to tempt buyers

Intel is boosting the package of Symantec software it bundles with its motherboards to increase market share with system builders.The chipmaker already includes trial editions of Symantec’s Norton Anti-Virus with motherboards. Now it’s including Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2005 AntiSpyware Edition for pre-installation.
Security “is a very sensitive area,” said David Allen, Intel’s Toronto-based North American distribution sales manager. “We want this to be an area Intel Product Dealers can offer value to their customers.”
The software can be downloaded by dealers now, or they can wait until it’s added to the installation disks that ship with Intel motherboards. Allen expects system builders will likely see the disk in new bundles in at least a week, depending on distributors’ inventory.
While Intel system builders have had access to the NIS suite for several years, this is the first time it has included the anti-spyware module. That version of the suite was introduced in May.
At least one VAR believes it’s a good idea. “On the retail (consumer) side it will help,” said Sheldon Barton, corporate sales manager at Edmonton’s BCom Computer Centre.
The company emphasizes in its advertising that systems it puts together come with Norton Anti-Virus. The fact that systems will come with a fuller suite “is going to be better yet,” he said.
However, he doubts it will interest corporate buyers because most companies already run enterprise versions of Symatec software.

The vehicle
Matt Piquette, a Symantec OEM account representative, said the partnership is another vehicle for the company to get to system builders.
Buyers who want NIS will get a 90-day subscription to the suite, which entitles them to free updates. The software includes Norton Anti-virus, Personal Firewall, Privacy Control and Parental Control.
System builders can customize the installation to whatever application a customer wants, he said.
Most anti-virus software makers have partnerships with motherboard manufactuers or OEMs.
McAfee Inc., for example, announced earlier this summer that its SecurityCenter and VirusScan software will be included on several Toshiba’s Libretto and Tecra models, and on its upcoming notebook lines.