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Sun and NetApp gain market share

Plus, Sony's Vaio laptops and a new demo product from Vyew

September 8, 2008
Some Sony Vaios go, “crackle-crackle, FZZZT”
Computer World
After Sony recalled its Vaio laptops due to a manufacturing defect causing the laptops to overheat, Michael Fowlkes writes that 209 reports regarding the machines have already been counted.

“So far, (Sony) has received 209 reports of the popular machines overheating on users, and in 7 instances, users received minor burns as a result of the overheating laptops. Of the seven injuries that have been reported, five were reported in Japan, and one in both the United States as well as Italy. The recalled machines are located all over the globe, with around 373,000 of the computers being sold in 48 different countries.”

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Sun and NetApp gain market share
The Register
Chris Mellor includes Gartner’s findings of where vendors are in relation to one another when it comes to controller-based disk storage revenues .

“The Gartner report tracks world-wide external controller-based disk storage revenues for the second calendar quarter of 2008 (Q2 cy’08). There were changes in the rankings of the top 8 vendors: EMC; IBM; HP; Dell; HDS; Sun; and FSC. But while the market grew 18.8 per cent compared to Q2 cy’07 only Sun (34.7 per cent) and NetApp (22.9 per cent) outgrew the market and gained share.”

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The Office (2.0): No paper? No problem
ZD Net
Sam Diaz provides an overview of a new demo product from Vyew that allows users to mark, highlight, insert flowcharts into documents, and more, without having to use the old fashion paper and pen.

“Vyew (pronounced view) had a cool demo of a document being revised through real-time collaboration. There were so many tools in this product that it was hard to keep track – highlighting, sidebar comments, pen markups, calculator and polling plug-ins, flowcharts and more. And it doesn’t matter if you are working on a Mac, PC, IE, Safari, Firefox or if your document is a spreadsheet, Word doc or PDF. And feel free to drop in a video clip or even leave your thoughts on the revisions as an mp3 audio file. I could see the document getting very messy, very fast – but no messier than a paper copy with scribbled notes all over it.”

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