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Tablet expectations in 2011

Plus, when is RIM releasing its PlayBook tablet? And Seagate's Barracuda Green hard drive

December 20, 2010
ChangeWave: Business iPad Adoption to Increase in Q1 2011
The VAR Guy
Dave Courbanou writes about expected tablet adoption in the enterprise in 2011.

“A ChangeWave Research study examines potential tablet adoption for the first quarter of 2011. Unsurprisingly (or surprisingly, depending on how you feel) the iPad rocketed to the top of both satisfaction and planned purchase strategies. The HP Slate 500 and the Dell Streak were seen as potential corporate tablets of choice, but the iPad remains the most popular for business purposes, according to the survey, which comprised more than 1,500 IT buyers. The Slate garnered a mere 11 per cent in the popularity category, trailed by the Streak at just seven per cent.”

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BlackBerry PlayBook will ship in March, assuming inertial momentum
Sean Hollister writes about RIM’s PlayBook intended release date.

“RIM dropped an intriguing hint about a likely release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook during its Q3 earnings call (last) week — namely, that the company expects the first revenue from the dual-core tablet to arrive in the first quarter of the company’s fiscal year. ‘There are no PlayBook revenues included in our Q4 guidance, and we expect the first revenue impact from PlayBook will be in RIM’s first quarter,’ a RIM spokeswoman said, adding that the PlayBook is still slated to ship in the first quarter of the calendar year.”

Seagate ships 3.5-inch Barracuda Green internal hard drive, leaves and all
Darren Murph writes about Segate’s green internal hard drive, Barracuda Green.

“In a bid to generate some interest from upgrading Sierra Club members, Seagate has just introduced the Barracuda Green, described as the world’s highest performance eco-friendly desktop hard drive. Essentially, this 3.5-inch internal HDD aims to split the difference between power and performance, with a 5,900RPM spin speed and the company’s own SmartAlign technology to enable the benefits of the new 4K sector standard. The company claims that it’s whisper quiet in use, and it drains less power than non-Green alternatives. It’s hitting the sales channel now in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB sizes, with the big guy topping out at around $120.”

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