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Tablet system for healthcare professionals now available


The healthcare industry relies on a lot of technology to function, so it makes sense that it would eventually inspire the creation of a medical-oriented tablet device.

DT Research, a US-based purpose-built computing solution manufacturer, has announced the DT313-MD, a 13.3” tablet that’s mounted on a slim, lightweight cart and made specifically for medical environments. The anti-microbial device offers healthcare professionals a more efficient way to monitor, record and retrieve patient information, while also boasting DT Research’s signature hot-swappable battery pack to alleviate any downtime risks in time-critical situations.

The DT313-MD.

Daw Tsai Sc.D., president of DT Research, says medical cart computers are an integral part of delivering consistent point-of-care services in healthcare environments, which is why the DT313-MD was created.

“Mobile computers enable healthcare providers the ability to streamline their workflows while simultaneously achieving patient objectives,” he says in a June 6 press release. “Our new lightweight Medical Tablet Cart offers additional flexibility and convenience for healthcare providers, while meeting the necessary medical environmental and power standards.”

It comes with Intel Core i7 or Celeron dual core processor, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a full slot smart card reader, as well as optional features like 3G/4G, RFID reader, front/rear camera, 2D barcode scanner, and mobile broadband connection.

The rugged full HD LED-backlight screen has capacitive touch and supports dual monitors. It also comes with remote device administration through server-based WebDT Device Manager software.

The device was created in collaboration with GCX Corporation, a medical instrument and IT mounting solution provider, so that its ultra-light, durable metal rolling stand – with a locking mount and wire basket for essential supplies – provides secure operation. And with the touch of a button, the DT313-MD can be disconnected from the cart and easily used on its own.

“DT Research’s medical tablet with the slim cart design creates a fully mobile healthcare computing solution that enables real-time information sharing and streamlines data capture and management,” says Clint Thompson, vice president of sales for GCX Corporation.

It is available now from authorized resellers and partners across Canada, and globally.