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Tech Data blames flat results on Brazil, Colombia closing

Plus, updates on job cuts at IBM and Apple snags another patent

February 29, 2012

Tech Data blames flat results on Brazil, Colombia closing On The VAR Guy, looks at the earnings. “In Q4 2012 Tech Data posted $54.1 million in net income, which was down from $77.3 million in Q4 2011. Ouch. Making matters worse, that precipitous 30 percent drop wasn’t held aloft by any other good news, since Tech Data’s revenue was nearly flat. Tech Data posted $7.11 billion for 2012, a negligible change from the $7.12 billion in Q4 2011,” he reports.  What’s your opinion?

Report: IBM cutting over 1,000 jobs On ZDNet, reports. “Most of the job cuts are said to have been within the United States — especially the Global Technology Services outsourcing unit — amidst IBM’s reorganization. On Monday, IBM was said to have cut more than 250 jobs across the U.S. already,” she writes.  What’s your opinion?

Apple snags blockbuster multi-touch patent On The Register, Rik Myslewski  gives the details. “The text of the patent refers to touchscreens in general, but explains that one of the problems associated with them is that “they lack the ability to track multiple points of contact simultaneously,” unlike the eponymous multipoint touchscreen described by the patent,” he explains.  What’s your opinion?