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Telus reportedly targeting a new group of users with its new brand, Koodo Mobile

Plus, Flash Lite for Windows Mobile and a Facebook instant messaging rumour

Mar. 18, 2008
Telus types ‘cool’ incorrectly, launches Koodo brand
IT World Canada
Sharky looks at what may be Telus’ latest brand, Koodo Mobile.

“According to a story in The Globe and Mail, Telus is hoping Koodo Mobile will attract the kind of cell phone users that pay big bucks for ringtones, text mesaging and music. ‘The company is saying nothing about its plans, but a kiosk with the name Koodo Mobile is being set up in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, and a mall directory at the Pickering Town Centre in Ontario lists Koodo Mobile in its online directory,’ the story says.”

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Facebook buying Social.im? Nah
Jordan Golson explores a new rumour involving a Facebook purchase.

“We hear that Facebook has purchased Social.im, the instant messaging application built on top of Facebook…‘If we’re being bought, I haven’t gotten the call yet,’ says Mogad CEO Yanda Erlich.”

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Microsoft adopts Flash Lite for Windows Mobile as a stopgap measure
Tech Crunch
Microsoft is licensing Flash Lite for Windows Mobile. Here, Erick Schonfeld looks at other vendors and mobile devices as well.

“Apple or Google could also try to fill the gap left by Flash on mobile devices. Or Adobe could get its act together and bring a more fully-featured version of Flash to mobile. The only other option is to wait a few years for mobile devices to become as powerful as today’s laptops so that they can display regular Flash Websites.”

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