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The inescapability of e-mail

Plus, virtual robbery and clueless users

January 4, 2008
E-mail bankruptcy is just too expensive
IT World Canada
Shane Schick learns a new term: e-mail bankruptcy.

”E-mail bankruptcy is a way of virtually throwing up your hands and walking away from information that in many cases needs to be managed. You can understand how a professor might get away with it (poor pity his students), but in many enterprise environments bankruptcy just isn’t an option.”

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The Fleecing of the Avatars
MIT Technology Review
David Talbot reports recent fraud allegations are ominous for those who see virtual worlds as future centers of e-commerce.

“Life on the lawless frontier means risks as well as opportunities, as Stephanie Roberts found out last summer. And what happened to her is a bit ominous for those who expect to see 3-D immersive environments become centers for e-commerce.”

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It’s just that simple
Sharky takes us for another dip in the IT support Shark Tank tale of woe.

”In my office we order new antivirus licenses every year and as such get the latest version of the product. I sent a CD out to a remote office with detailed instructions on how to install the application…‘“

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