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The most satisfied smart phone users have iPhones

ChangeWave survey shows Android devices are close behind the iPhonernrn

Apple’s iPhone came out on top in terms of customer satisfaction compared with other smartphones, according to a survey of 1,009 consumers who bought smartphones in the last six months.

But Motorola phones running the Android operating system, including the Motorola Droid , came in a close second in the survey conducted by ChangeWave Research.

ChangeWave found 77 per cent of iPhone customers said they were very satisfied with their purchase, ahead of owners of Motorola smartphones, with 64 per cent. Motorola’s second place finish puts it well above the industry average for recent purchasers, ChangeWave said Wednesday.

In terms of mobile operating systems, the iPhone also finished on top with 71 per cent saying they were very satisfied customers, while the Android coming in with a close second, with 67 per cent very satisfied. The Palm Web OS came in third with 57 per cent of Palm users saying they were very satisfied. The RIM OS finished “well behind the three industry leaders” with 37 per cent, but ahead of Windows Mobile with 24 per cent, ChangeWave wrote.

Owners of HTC devices finished third in customer satisfaction with 51 per cent very satisfied, while Research in Motion’s BlackBerry devices finished fourth, with 46 per cent. Palm devices were fifth with 45 per cent, followed by LG at 40 per cent and Samsung at 35 per cent.

Motorola’s Droid is driving the high satisfaction levels for Motorola, with 69 per cent of Droid buyers saying they were very satisfied with the new Droid running on Android compared with 50 per cent for all other Motorola models, ChangeWave said.

For HTC models, 68 per cent of HTC Hero customers surveyed said they were very satisfied, ahead of the HTC Droid Eris with 50 per cent and HTC Touch with 38 per cent.

The ChangeWave survey, conducted April 21 through May 2, did not include results for the HTC Droid Incredible, which hit stores April 29. The Tour got the highest very satisfied rating of BlackBerry phones with 56 per cent, beating out the Bold with 48 per cent and the Storm with 45 per cent.

In the latest survey, 32 per cent of smartphone owners said they would have purchased the iPhone if it was available from their carrier instead of the phone they did purchased. Palm smartphone buyers showed the strongest interest in buying the iPhone, followed by Motorola buyers.