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The Top 25 Newsmakers of 2006 – Number 16: Compugen Harry Zarek

The head of one of the biggest solution providers in the country strengthened its hand in Quebec

Already a national player with offices in six provinces, Harry Zarek increased Compugen’s reach in Quebec with two acquisitions there to help keep the company among the top five in our Top 100 solution provider revenue rankings.

The president and CEO said the new acquisitions will strengthen Richmond Hill, Ont.-based Compugen’s capabilities around Microsoft professional services as well as services in the health care sector.

“Montreal–based LSGI had a focus in health-care infrastructure with expertise in Citrix, VMware, server consolidation and security,” he said. The second acquisition was Logicil in Quebec City, which has Microsoft infrastructure professional services skills.

“We continue to see a bifurcation of the market between volume and value-based players. We’re on value side, solutions-based, business focused and looking to build a long-term value proposition with our customers.”

There could be more acquisitions in 2007, he said, but added, “we don’t go out looking for it, however, if an appropriate opportunity comes forward and we think its complementary, a win-win, than we’re willing to go ahead.”