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The Top 25 Newsmakers of 2006 – Number 20: AutoDesk Al Steel

The acquisition this year of a Canadian company has helped Autodesk fatten its bottom line

With the purchase in January of Toronto 3D graphics software developer Alias and the appointment of former chief operating officer Carl Bass to president and CEO, Autodesk Inc. is on a mission to re-evaluate, re-brand and redefine itself.

“Our emphasis is on putting the best value in the things we do for customers,” said Al Steel, general manager of Autodesk Canada. “Many have thought about us as a ‘pretty picture company’ that puts drawings or video together, but we’ve well passed that. We’re now into business processes and looking at how we handle and help customers go from concept to cash.”

It has also helped the bottom line: Last month the company reported record quarterly revenues.

Steel said the Alias acquisition has allowed for areas of expansion, additional breadth and new opportunities.

He added that Autodesk is continuing to evolve its channel programs by building a unified global structure of best practices and systems.

“That will strengthen our relationship and business practice with our resellers and drive enhanced profitability through delivering value to customers.”