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The Top 25 Newsmakers of 2006 – Number 9: Acer Canada Terry Tomecek

After fast growth in the notebook market, Acer is going full speed to take on competitors on the PC front

In the last couple of years Acer has has given HP, Dell and Lenovo a run for their money in the notebook, desktop and LCD markets.

Terry Tomecek, Acer Canada’s general manager since 2001, attributes the company’s growth to one thing only: the channel.

“Our success is the success of the distributors, the resellers and retailers,” said Tomecek. “One hundred per cent of our business is sold indirectly.”

According to Partner Research Corp., in Q2 2006, Acer’s notebook shipments were up 116 per cent, while the overall notebook market grew 42 per cent.

Those figures align well with Tomecek’s goals for 2007.

“We want to outgrow the growth in the market and take share from our competition,” he said. “If the notebook market grows 40 per cent in Canada, we want to grow 50 to 60 per cent.”

Tomecek added that it’s no longer just a notebook story but an overall PC market share story.

“People say ‘There’s no way Acer will catch HP in total PC market share’, but its not impossible to believe and we have to have those goals because we’re in a very high growth track.” To be Canada’s dominant PC vendor will “just take time and energy.”