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The un-PC

New form factors are coming and the ground zero of net buzz

Sept. 19, 2007
The un- PC
Business 2.0
When does a PC not look like a PC?

”When it looks like nothing you’ve seen before. Check out how some of the boldest companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Apple are offering designs that defy convention while still packing Intel, Advanced Micro Devices or Microsoft inside.”

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The ground zero of Net buzz
The browser
Blogger becomes conference host. The gory details to follow.

“But the first seven hours here today suggest their conference is still strictly version 1.0. Nobody likes to spend nearly $3,000 to have to stand in the back of the room for hours. And nothing aggravates techies more than the lack of web access. All that would be forgivable of course if the demos were mind blowing or the panel discussions memorable. Natch. By lunch, at least one veteran conference go-er was calling this “BoredomeCrunch40.”

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Does the Google guy have a new girlfriend?
Do we really need to know the love affairs at Google?

”Marcy Simon, left, the girlfriend of married Google CEO Eric Schmidt, is no longer a PR consultant at Google. So much for her reign as the Duchess of West Chelsea. The terms of separation are unclear: Simon has maintained to friends that she quit, while other insiders say Google executives Elliot Schrage and David Lawee fired her, with Schmidt stepping out of the matter.“

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