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Thoughts on Windows Phone 7

Plus, iPad versus laptop sales and IPv6 migration

September 16, 2010
The iPad is killing laptop sales
The Register
John Oates writes about iPad versus laptop sales.

“iPad sales are slashing laptop sales by as much as 50 per cent, according to the boss of US retailer Best Buy. Announcing sales of $11.3bn and profits of $254m for the second quarter Best Buy’s chief executive Brian Dunn said internal research showed half of potential laptop buyers had chosen an iPad instead of a traditional laptop.”

What’s your opinion?

Windows Phone 7 is really good
ZD Net
Garett Rogers shares his thoughts on Windows Phone 7.

“ The phone (a prototype device I tried from Samsung) is really fast, and everything feels consistent from app to app. The ‘metro’ style is also very refreshing – it’s heavy on typography and flat UI elements. There may be stuff missing from the initial version of WP7 when compared to other platforms like Android and iPhone, but what it does have is done very well. Compared to my Nexus One (which has similar hardware), the operating system is very responsive, and animations are very smooth. I’m not saying that Android is unbearably slow, but compared to Froyo, WP7 takes the cake.”

Are we really ready for IPv6?
ZD Net
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols sets the stage for the upcoming IPv6 Internet environment.

“I would love to believe the Number Resource Organization (NRO), the group that oversees the allocation of all Internet numeric resources, claim that 84 per cent of ISPs and other major Internet groups are now using, or are about to use IPv6. But, I don’t. Mind you, 84 per cent of serious corporate Internet users should be at that point. We’re quickly running out of IPv4 addresses. Let me check right now. Yep, according to the IPv4 Address Report, we’re still on schedule to run out of all IPv4 Internet addresses on January 14, 2012. I actually expect us to run out faster than that though.”

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