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Top 10 Green Solution Providers: WBM Office Systems

The WBM Green Team helps this solution provider differentiate itself

It’s hard for an organization that annually takes its staff into the Canadian Shield of northern Saskatchewan to not have environmental sustainability efforts become a natural part of their corporate culture. That’s why green IT is at the root of what WBM Office Systems does internally and promotes to its clients, according to its vice-president Brett Bailey.

“Smart IT providers should be contributing to nature and understanding how they can help customers contribute,” says Bailey.

To follow that mission, two years ago WBM developed the WBM Green Team, which focused first on improving the solution provider internally and auditing its suppliers.

As part of their own efforts every member of WBM staff has taken environmentalist David Sazuki’s Nature ChallengeIn the same time, WBM has been working to drive green IT through their customers, a move that has helped it differentiate and grow its business.