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Top solution provider inks new security partnership

Managed Services

Well publicized breaches of Sony and Target has encouraged CDN Top 100 Solution OnX Managed Services of Toronto to make moves to strengthen customer data.

To do that OnX has entered into a strategic partnership with BTB Security of Philadelphia to offer enhanced security and consulting services to the solution provider’s North American clients focusing on vertical industries such as healthcare, finance, and telecom.

BTB provides information security consulting services and managed security services.

The partnership will help OnX provide custom security assessments, accurate detection and rapid response services, which enables customers to proactively gauge the security posture of their environment and deploy holistic monitoring and advanced detection solutions.

Biff Myre, director of solutions for OnX, said BTB extends OnX’s reach and protects client’s data, systems and infrastructure. This approach couples top tier enterprise data centre and IT solutions with high caliber expertise in information security, incident response and advanced detection and monitoring.

OnX intends to deliver this offering in an “as-a-service” model that will include cloud, dedicated hardware, firewall, IDS, data backup, disaster recovery and operating system management.
Ron Schlecht Jr., founder of BTB Security, said advanced threats are more prevalent, more damaging, and occur at an increasingly rapid pace today. In order to protect against these threats, organizations need three things: proactive assessments, advanced detection, and rapid incident response. This partnership gives OnX the capability to provide all three to companies looking to improve their security posture.
In addition, BTB has a Rapid Advanced Detection and Response Radar service that features a no blind spot advanced detection and response service.