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Trend Micro introduces first data leak prevention solution

LeakProof 3.0 allows for easy monitoring and administration policies

Trend Micro Incorporated has introduced Trend Micro LeakProof 3.0, the company’s first data leak prevention solution. The latest version of LeakProof was obtained through the acquisition of Provilla.

A majority of data leaks happen by valid users who have access to the data within a corporate network. Employees can sometimes be a company’s greatest security liability. The new interactive endpoint alerts of Trend Micro LeakProof 3.0 enables IT managers to define content-sensitive dialog boxes that appear directly onto an employee’s computer screen. These alert boxes educate employees, raise awareness of security issues and enlist their support in preventing data from “walking out of the door.”

LeakProof 3.0 also includes new enhancements such as encryption support and a redesigned management console for easier monitoring and administration of security policies.