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Trusting the Internet more than your closet pals

Plus, Apple's iPhone touch screen and software bundling

Jan. 2, 2008
iPhone, uPhone, we all phone!
Network World
Brad Reese offers his opinion on the Apple iPhone touch screen.

“Smudges, scratches and breakage are big issues. Let us hope we don’t have to spend more money and carry special cleaning lotion and buff cloth as accessories!”

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You people trust Google more you’re your own family
Nicholas Carlson reveals findings from Pew Internet researchers on which sources are often trusted the most.

“58 per cent of you, they say, go to the Internet for answers on your toughest questions. Only 45 per cent seek out friends and family members.”

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Say “No!” to bundled apps!
ZD Net
Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes advises computer users to be more cautious with software installations and software bundling.

“I want to make it clear that I’m not anti-bundling, instead I’m against trying to trick the user into installing something they don’t want or need by pre-checking the option in the installation program.”

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