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Tweeting day two of HP’s Global Partner Conference


LAS VEGAS — If Tuesday at Hewlett-Packard Co.‘s (NYSE: HPQ) Global Partner Conference was about CEO Meg Whitman’s keynote and reassuring partners the vendor is on the right track, Wednesday was about getting down to the nitty-gritty and learning about some of the new products and services that will put that vision on track. Highlights included keynotes from enterprise group head David Donatelli and printing and personal systems boss Todd Bradley, as well as a new public cloud offering with rich annuities for partners.

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Day Two at HP’s Global Partner Conference

The second day of HP’s Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas included keynotes from HP’s business leaders and announcements on cloud services.

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HP touts platform with new infrastructure releases http://www.itworldcanada.com/news/hp-touts-platform-with-new-infrastructure-releases/146760 #hpgpcJeff Jedras
BYOD solution a fit for small businesses, says HP http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/home/News.asp?id=69983 #hpgpcJeff Jedras
HP touts platform advantage with converged infrastructure releases http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/cdn/News.asp?id=69982 #hpgpcJeff Jedras
HP unifies channel go to market, drops revenue gates and caps http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/cdn/News.asp?id=69960 #hpgpcJeff Jedras
New PartnerOne compensation models effective Nov. 1 #hpgpc http://pic.twitter.com/bWV2yKYgJeff Jedras
With a funky musical intro, Todd Bradley takes the floor for today’s opening keynote. His mantra for PPG is: “We Mean Business” Nice! #hpgpcJohn Obeto II
HP’s PPS EVP, Todd Bradley, means business. and tells partners to sell more. #hpgpc http://pic.twitter.com/J5vLhO2wJeff Jedras
One of Bradley’s stated goals for HP is to establish mobile leadership. Will that mean a handset? Stand-alone tablet? Android? #hpgpcJeff Jedras
This seems to be Bradley’s theme song this morning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHA_7vxrgc Too early, man. Too early. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
Stacy Wolff shows four key products: the Envy X2 convertible, The EliteBook Folio, the EliteBook Resolve and the EliteBook tablet. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
I like that power sleeve thing for the EliteBook tablet that doubles the battery life. Not as keen on it running Win8 though. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
Apparently there’s a revolution happening in printing. Gutenberg was a revolution, guys, but let’s see what you’ve got for us. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
Apparently Obama got re-elected because he printed a document and sent it to Americans. You heard it here first. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
David Gurney really loves talking about ink. I mean, he really really loves talking about ink spraying all over the place. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
“A billion drops of ink a second, it doesn’t get any sexier than that!” #HPGPCAleya Bartis
Curious to see how Bradley brings this 24-esque ticking clock thing into the narrative. #hpgpc http://pic.twitter.com/h2LYgOxxJeff Jedras
I think HP hired the Sham Wow guy to do printing and imaging marketing. IPG definitely doesn’t have Vijay Joshi any more. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
Yes, there are lots of mobile devices. I’m not sold on mobile print though. HP has pushed this for a few years; hasn’t taken off yet. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
So the ticker is how much partners have made selling printers and mobile systems since Bradley started speaking. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
David Donatelli says 67% of HP’s ESSN rev last year was through the channel. Networking is at 96% channel-driven. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
Donatelli has identified 3 trends: Converged infrastructure, cloud, software defined data centre. Of course, HP has plays in all. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
HP Project Moonshot ready for Launch says Dave Donatelli at #hpgpcNext generation of #cloud computing @1cloudroad http://pic.twitter.com/T91eZliDErnesto Pellegrino
2500+ Partners in 170 countries joinednew ServiceOne program in FY12 #HPGPCHP Channel Info
Donatelli’s email is dave.donatelli@hp.com. But the CEO of “the incumbent” gives out his phone number. Just sayin’. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
It seems like every year, HP “introduces” partners to HP Software – 5,000 active partners, but still trying to get noticed. #hpgpcRobert Dutt
Four products HP says can change your business http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/home/News.asp?id=69986 #hpgpcJeff Jedras
#HP partners, something to keep in mind: Meg Whitman’s keynote at last year’s #HPGPC also left partners optimistic about the future.Kevin McLaughlin
From the keynote hall to the press breakout room, where Dan Baigent is talking cloud services #hpgpc http://pic.twitter.com/EobEtmccJeff Jedras
Baigent: HP adding public cloud offerings to its CloudBuilder program. VARs will earn rich annuities with no caps for life of deal #hpgpcJeff Jedras
Baigent: Three new cloud services from HP: Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Monitoring and Cloud DNS. #hpgpcJeff Jedras
#hpgpc Partner call to action: optimize tradtl storage; rebuild to converged storage; accelerate to converged EVERYTHINGSandhya G
Meg Whitman at yesterday’s #HPGPC keynote http://pic.twitter.com/Af2elO5EgqHP US Channel Team
Andrew Joiner openly stated he was disappointed by those involved in accounting scandal which “cascaded down” on others. #HPGPCJoe Lipscombe
Joiner is general manager, emerging technology and marketing for HP Autonomy.
“Architecture matters. Simplicity wins.” Tom Joyce on the benefits of 3PAR #powerfulportfolio #HPGPC http://pic.twitter.com/OV4nctCfrLRachel McCurdy
Rich, uncapped public cloud annuities for life: HP http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/cdn/News.asp?id=70005 #hpgpcJeff Jedras