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Veritas unveils its first channel program but potential partners may need to look elsewhere

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Orlando, FL – In a move that surprised no one, Veritas has unveiled a channel program at its first Partner Link Conference in Orlando, FL today.

Dubbed “Veritas Partner Force,” the program is the company’s first independent of former parent company Symantec, which unveiled its own standalone program last week to coincide with the two companies operating independently.

The goal, according to Brett Shirk, executive vice president of worldwide sales for Veritas is still to grow the indirect business to 85 per cent, but this time the company wants to do it “this year.”

In order to do so, the company is focusing on keeping existing information management partners on board with changes to three broad areas.

With the first, Veritas is increasing the $500,000 opportunity registration cap to $1 million. With this move, the company is promising the same payout rates here but allowing for larger transactions to be registered.

Next, where Symantec is raising its quarterly payment cap by 50 per cent, Veritas says it is “enhancing” its own Growth Accelerator Rebate by introducing a 3-step payout program that increases high growth accelerators and simplifies quarterly payouts.

Lastly, it seems as though the split has enabled both Symantec and Veritas to simplify their competencies, as the latter is also consolidating qualifications for platinum status.  Now, the company requires only two instead of three expert competencies, and has done away with the customer reference requirement.

That being said, however, it looks as though existing Veritas partners may have the most to gain from these changes. Shirk said that the company is generally satisfied in its local and regional partner base, and is more focused on refining the recipe as opposed to adding to it.

“As we bring more offerings to market, it’s really about what our partners are capable of,” Shirk said. “A lot of our bigger customers want to engage with Veritas directly. I think there’s going to be a balance.”

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