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Video: Poor economy does not stop Cisco’s talent goals

New methods for partners to retain, develop and attract talent in a down market

Lisbon, Portugal – During the Cisco Systems‘ (NASDAQ: CSCO) Channel Exchange conference, the networking giant announced many significant initiatives such as the Global Resale Agent program to boost more partner-to-partner collaboration and the creation of the Small Business Technology Group, along with a $100 million channel investment to try and grow the market. The company also restated its aggressive talent development goals during this two day event.

Cisco has hired human resource professional Celia Harper-Guerra to develop new strategies to help its channel partners retain, develop and attract talent. With the onset of the recession, Cisco is sticking to its guns on talent development, believing this will help the company and its channel not just to survive, but to even grow in a down-economy.

CDN interviewed Harper-Guerra along with Edison Peres, Cisco’s vice-president of worldwide channels, about what impact the poor economy will have on IT skills development and staffing in this video feature.