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What it takes to catch a criminal on the Internet

Plus, more on virtualization and eBay's lower fees

Jan. 30, 2008
Does virtualization equal “bullet proof”?
IT World Canada
While virtualization has been around for over 40 years now, Paul E. Rummell gives his take on why he thinks it still hasn’t really taken off yet.

“This technology is too complex for IT architects, development or operations professionals to understand. They are used to developing systems that provide tangible functionality in a tangible way in environments that can be measured and managed. There are not many adequate tools to manage virtual and physical environments together.”

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One other thing the Internet is useful for: highlighting dumb criminals
Oh the things you can do and find on the Internet. Mike Masnick reveals some of the latest dumb criminals to get caught on the Web.

“(There’s) the story…about the woman who tried to hire a hitman on Craigslist to kill her lover’s wife. Then, there’s the New York state employee who tried to sell off rare historic state documents on eBay. While it’s nothing new, it does make you wonder why people still think to use the internet in this manner. Do they really not recognize how quickly they’re likely to be caught?”

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eBay: “We will lower listing fees”
The Register
Cade Metz writes about eBay’s recent announcement to lower its listing fees.

“This morning, eBay’s CEO (said eBay) will soon charge between 25 and 50 per cent less to list items on the site’s virtual marketplace. But he’s not willing to kiss all those dollars goodbye. While charging less for listings, eBay plans to charge more when items are actually sold. eBay says its sellers prefer this sort of setup because ‘it lowers their risk if an item doesn’t sell.’”

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