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What’s wrong with the new MacBook Air

Plus, project management tips and AMD's Fusion plans for 2011

November 11, 2010
How not to do Project Management
The Register
Ken Young shares some project management tips.

“One of the hardest parts of project management is estimating the costs, the resources needed and the time required to complete a task. To protect yourself you need to research past costings and timings as far as is possible. Then, once you have come up figures, add some fat, as one project manager put it. This extra 10-15 per cent gives you a bit of leeway when the inevitable overruns and overspends occur. The downside is that it makes the initial budget fatter too.”

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MacBook Air 11-inch: What a netbook should look like
ZD Net
Jason Hiner shares what’s wrong with the new MacBook Air from Apple.

“The biggest problem with the 11-inch MacBook Air is its price. The base model will cost you a thousand dollars. The one with the bigger hard drive and the faster processor is $1,200. I don’t know too many people (or IT departments) that spend more than $1,000 on a laptop any more.”

AMD to ship Fusion chips, systems in early 2011
ZD Net
Larry Dignan shares AMD’s Fusion chip plans for next year.

“AMD on Tuesday said it will begin shipping its Fusion chips, which include integrate computing and graphics on a single die, with system availability in early 2011. The company gave the Fusion outlook during its analyst day. AMD’s Fusion chips, the fruits of the acquisition of ATI in 2006. AMD is hoping that Fusion chips-technically Accelerated Processing Units (APUs)-give it a chance against much larger rival Intel. Fusion chips are designed to handle heavy PC requirements while offering long battery life.”

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