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Why businesses will (maybe) like Office 2013

CDN CURATED: Three reasons why businesses will like Microsoft's Office 2013. Will it be enough?

The folks InfoWorld have been playing with Office 2013 and claim to have found three reasons why business will like it . Assuming you ever managed to get over the introduction of the ribbon interface a few versions back.

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) had better be hoping businesses will like Office 2013, because competition in the office productivity suite market is hotter than ever before. Consumers have many other options, many of them cheaper or even free, and businesses are also turning to other designed-to-be business-friendly or cloud-first options such as Google Apps for Business.

While Microsoft has long had a stranglehold on this market segment, that dominance is under threat like never before. If businesses don’t find at least three reasons to like Office 2013, that continued dominance is at risk.