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Why does soccer hate video replay? – Tech in Sports Ep. 28


The Tech in Sports crew explores all the major sports tech news from the last week including the New York Mets drone-proofing their stadium, FC Bayern Munich hosting a hackathon, speedskating smartsuits, and more! Plus, we roundup some more cool news coming out of CES 2018 and discuss why video replay could be banned from the FIFA World Cup this summer.

Stories of the week:

  • New York Mets drone-proof Citi Field
  • Germany’s FC Bayern Munich hosts a weekend-long hackathon to research fan engagement opportunities
  • Intel is making sure the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea will be the largest scale virtual reality event ever
  • Samsung outfits two Dutch short track speedskaters with its high-tech SmartSuit
  • Swim.com and Spire collaborate to create a health tracking wearable that can be embedded in swimsuits for only $30
  • Siri can give you real-time updates for games in the ATP tennis, PGA and LPGA golf tours this season
  • CES 2018 news: Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather launches his own virtual reality fitness experience, and will open a gym in LA later this month
  • CES 2018 news: Panasonic releases its vision for the stadium of the future
  • CES 2018 news: Omron Corporation unveils a new and improved AI-powered robot called Forpheus that can tutor you in table tennis
  • CES 2018 news: SOUL Electronics showcases AI-enabled earphones that monitor running form in real time and provides users with in-ear coaching

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