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Why racetrack business processes don’t need to be optimized

Plus, Sun needs a MySQL partner strategy and Fox News needs to chill

August 19, 2008
What I learned about business process optimization at Woodbine
ComputerWorld Canada
Shane Schick says leave the process optimization to the ponies.

“As a mix of paper and electronic steps, Woodbine’s races seem like they’re crying out for business process optimization, but an afternoon there convinced me they’re probably best to leave it alone.”

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memo to Sun: promote MySQL through Avnet Technology Solutions
The VAR Guy
The VAR Guy has some advice for Sun ahead of Avnet’s New Frontiers conference.

“The VAR Guy isn’t making any guarantees, but he hopes Sun Microsystems articulates its MySQL partner strategy (this) week at the Avnet New Frontiers Conference in Colorado. Here’s why.”

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Fox News VP calls Facebook users “more sophisticated” than MySpace users
Valley Wag
Jackson West reports on some fightin’ words from a Fox News executive.

“Admitting that Facebook is now leading MySpace in the social networking space, Fox News VP of development Joel Cheatwood told reporter Brian Stelter, “They also have a user that’s a little older and a little more sophisticated.” Enough with the diplomatic double-speak, Cheatwood – tell us what you really think.”

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