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Why you should be wary of free WiFi

Plus, Apple's new iPhone limitation and Avaya's stance on UC

Dec. 11, 2007
Getting unified on UC a tall task
IT World Canada
Greg Enright writes on the issue of unified communications and sheds light to a question which was brought up during an Avaya Canada media and analyst briefing last week of how to make sure everyone in the business stays on the same page.

“The Avaya Canada executive charged with responding did his best by mentioning that a business must know its business before undertaking any large-scale technology implementation, and even managed to get a plug in for Avaya’s services and its resellers.

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Free airport WiFi cautions
Network World
James Gaskin warns of possible hacking attempts often brought about by free WiFi services in public places. Here he offers things to watch out for.

“Never (let me use a stronger word: NEVER) connect through a WiFi “Ad-hoc” connection when out in public…Ad-hoc network means you are connecting to another laptop, not a wireless network access point.”

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Apple confirms iPhone sales limit raised from two to five
Bryan Gardiner reports on Apple’s latest iPhone limitations in the U.S. and in the U.K.

“No word yet on why the limit was increased, but as earlier reports indicate, Apple probably discovered it had sufficient units on hand to meet Holiday demand.”

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