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Windows 8 adoption rate lags behind Windows 7 in enterprise

CDN CURATED: According to Forrester data, enterprises aren't jumping onboard the Windows 8 bandwagon near as fast as they did Windows 7

While Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) new Windows 8 OS may be available to enterprise customers, they don’t appear to be in any position to pull the trigger.

While the OS is still brand new and enterprise customers are traditionally more cautious with their upgrades, due to the need to text images and ensure compatibility with legacy applications, data from Forrester Research indicates that business technology decision makers are half as keen on Windows 8 as they were on Windows 7 at this point in its availability.

According to a report from ComputerWorld, employees are interested in Windows 8 as a tablet OS but IT decision makers aren’t keen on it as a desktop OS:

”According to David Johnson of Forrester Research, 24% of the more than 1,200 North American and European IT hardware purchasers the firm interviewed in the third quarter said that while they had no plans in place to migrate to Windows 8, they expect to at some point. The result was half that of the 49% of similar professionals Forrester surveyed in 2009 just before the launch of Windows 7.”

Source | ComputerWorld