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With reliability and stability key Lenovo is running Windows XP, and not Vista, at the Beijing games

Plus, a new Slingbox and Google's browser plans for China

Aug. 16, 2007
Olympics want XP not Vista
Good morning Silicon Valley
John Murral talked to Lenovo and got this.

”At the Olympics, we need the most reliable and stable system,” said Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo, explains why all critical PC duties at the 2008 Beijing games will be performed by machines running Windows XP rather than Vista.”

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New Slingbox leaks
Daily Tech
Wolfgang Hannssen talk a look at the latest Slingbox.

“The device is an unannounced model that has a few less input sources than the current flagship, the Slingbox Pro. This new version has what looks to be a set of component, composite and S-Video inputs for up to two sources. .”

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Google’s new browser plans
Tech Crunch
Michael Arrington and the GBrowser.

“Maxthon is little known in the U.S. Half of its downloads occur in China, though, and it is a big player there. Whether Google’s strategic plans for Maxthon extend beyond China is anyone’s guess. A lot of this would be cleared up if Google (or Maxthon) made an announcement on the subject. But what we want has little to do with what’s best for Google’s business. If they do launch a browser, and/or acquire Maxthon, we almost certainly won’t hear about it until it actually happens.”

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