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Yahoo’s new CEO: Five big challenges

Plus, Tim Cook in a post-Jobs world and the death of IE6

January 4, 2012

Yahoo’s new CEO: Five big challenges On ZDNet, looks at the year ahead for the new exec. “Thompson will have to make the company relevant, grow it and define what Yahoo is all about. The biggest challenge for Thompson may be defining Yahoo. The management conundrum: What does Yahoo really stand for?” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Apple CEO Tim Cook faces 2012 in a truly post-Jobsian world On The VAR Guy, looks at the outlook for the still new CEO. “Cook has already made moves to prove that, most of which has put a softer face on Apple as a corporate entity. He implemented ‘softer’ measures such as including an extended vacation for Apple employees, more focus on humanitarian aid and even more recently, whispers that Apple might actually open up and offer more ‘significant’ dividends for its shareholders. Cook is also on record as not being as crazy about holding on to cash as Jobs was,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Microsoft celebrates the death of IE6 On The Register, Iain Thomson reports on the phase out. “In March, Microsoft assembled a team to push for the destruction of IE6, and have succeeded in reducing the market footprint of the browser. Currently 7.7 per cent of worldwide internet site visits use IE6, according to Microsoft, but the figure is now 0.9 per cent in the U.S.” he writes. What’s your opinion?