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    Twitter highlights from the Dell CPS event – Day 2


    The day two of the Dell channel partner summit began with a barrage of useful insights and information by David Senf, VP of infrastructure solutions group, IDC Canada. He showed an optimistic view for the future of channel partners and said that there are a lot of opportunities out there in various sectors of the business. The day then proceeded with panel discussions where the VP of Microsoft, Jason Hermitage gave a preview of the Microsoft 10 and invited feedback from the channel partners present at the event.
    Here are a few tweets handpicked from Day 2 of the event.

    A lot of partners felt empowered by the training sessions held by leaders at Dell. There were sessions on products, marketing and selling.
    Jolera won the Dell partner of the year award and was congratulated with a loud round of applause.

    The leadership team answered a lot of questions from the channel partner audience and said that they are committed to positive communication and collaboration in this relationship.

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