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Best Cloud Solution Silver and Bronze winners at CDN’s Channel Elite Awards 2015

This year’s silver and bronze winners for Best Cloud Solution both managed to improve savings and revenue for their respective clients.


The silver award winner had to deal with potential oil spills and mining disasters. Needless to say Konverge Digital Solutions’ solution is pretty confidential, but we can tell you that the client is in a high-risk industry where health and safety is a high priority.

Konverge Digital Solutions crafted a custom software solution for making the inspection process of facilities more streamlined. This solution ends up saving the company literally a million dollars a day and ensures that the equipment is always well-maintained and disruptions or shutdowns are limited.


Discount Car and Truck Rentals, one of the leading car rental agencies in Canada had an aging Nortel BCM system. They were fearful of an outage because the old system did not have back up or business continuity features.

Digitcom Canada provided an innovative solution to increase the number of calls each agent could effectively manage. With new skills-based routing features, Discount was able to see a seven per cent increase in revenue due to most appropriate agent handling each respective call. Statistical reporting confirmed that a nine per cent increase in the number of calls handled per agent and a significant decrease in on-hold wait time for inbound sales calls.