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Best Service Organization at CDN Channel Elite Awards 2015

TORONTO – Infinite IT Solutions Inc. of Mississauga, Ont. has a customer who was having issues out of their Dubai office.

What better way to fix these issues than to deploy technology from their Canadian headquarters, the former Solution Provider of the Year at the Channel Elite Awards thought. The solution enabled the organization to roam freely around the world and work from any one of their global offices while maintaining full connectivity and presence to work no matter where they needed to be. Furthermore, the solution was cost effective and tied together its global staff into a single pane of glass. This innovative effort on the part of Infinite IT helped the company win the Gold award for Best Service Organization at the 2015 CDN Channel Elite Awards.

The silver award winner CompuCom Canada, in partnership with its client, established a 3-tiered governance structure in which all stakeholders have prominent ownership and accountability. The model encompasses Executive, Managerial and Operational levels from all stakeholder organizations and the transition team was even structured to engage with all levels of hierarchy between organizations including the lines-of-business leaders.

The bronze award for Best Service Organization went to MnB I.T. Services. The bronze award winner helped a charitable organization distribute laptops to grade seven students who have limited access to technology at home.

The students are then partnered with a Toronto police officer in a program that helps the students learn to use technology and to establish healthy relationships with authority. The solution provider handled acquisition, storage, inventory management, delivery and distribution of 525 laptops to over 30 schools around the greater Toronto area.