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Best Small Business Solution Silver and Bronze winners at CEA 2015

TORONTO – Navantis won in the Best Small Business category at the 2015 CDN Channel Elite Awards. This category was hotly contested by runners up Digitcom and XCEL Professional Services.

High-end appliance retailer Canadian Appliance Source was looking to expand into other cities. As a true trusted advisor, Digitcom suggested the company establish small call centres in each location to handle inbound calls.

This led to the creation of one common contact centre that would be able to handle calls on behalf of all stores but with a local feel that used local numbers instead of the impersonal 1-800 number.

By centralizing the client’s contact centre, a much smaller number of agents are now required to manage customer relations producing a 54 per cent overall cost savings.

Today’s solution provider needs to embrace innovation, flexibility, and speed. XCEL Professional Services achieved all three with a RECOVERY360 — a hybrid solution that protects users from data loss and costly down time. It backs up data directly from a server and creates a virtual image that can be booted instantly, and aggressively speeds up the recovery time.