CEA: Tech Data reveals hardware growth through distribution

    In this special video interview from the 2013 CDN Channel Elite Awards, market analyst Daryl Ryce of the NPD Group, presents an overview of the hardware market in Canada.

    Ryce spoke to attendees at a workshop sponsored by Tech Data Canada as part of CDN’s 2013 Channel Elite Awards.

    With an eye on the distribution market, Ryce predicts a growth rate of one per cent by the end of 2013 – and he’s saying that’s a good place to be.

    One per cent? Well, that may not be exactly dazzling, but a one per cent growth rate is actually pretty good, considering the state of the economy in 2013.

    “I like to preach this whenever I talk to people – products, when you deal with a market that’s flat or negative growth … products are being purchased based on need rather than price,” he said.

    CDN Staff Writer Candice So interviews Ryce along with Tech Data Canada’s senior vice president of sales and marketing Greg Myers just after his presentation. And below, you can watch the entire Daryl Ryce CEA presentation.