Hockey superstar says glass ceiling for women still exists

    TORONTO – Women hockey great Angela James was on hand at the 2016 CDN Women of the IT Channel recognition luncheon at the historic Weston Golf & Country Club.

    James delivered a powering message to the then more than 130 women executives at the event. In this video interview, James talks about the glass ceiling for women in all areas of life.

    James has been dubbed the ‘Wayne Gretzky of women’s hockey,’ She was the first woman inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010. Her influence on the development of hockey for girls and women in Canada is enormous. The five-time World Hockey Champion, Angela James is the sports co-ordinator at her alma mater, Seneca College, in Toronto – devoting her time to the sport she loves and helping women follow their dreams. James delivered a powerful keynote address that was an inspiration to women, athletes, Canadians and anyone who has a dream they want to fulfill.