Mentor of the Year


The CDN Mentor of the Year Award is given to an outstanding role model who exemplifies the ideal image of a mentor.  The award will be given to an individual who has established a record of consistent outreach to individuals in the channel over a number of years. This award can also be presented to an individual who has contributed to the support or development of mentoring programs within their company. Eligible mentoring options to be considered include: one-on-one mentoring, mentoring within a company, and mentoring within the industry.  

Nominate a Mentor

Key roles of a mentor include:

  • A wise and trusted advisor
  • Intellectual growth and development
  • Career and professional guidance
  • Positive role modeling


Candidates must be an employed as members of the Canadian solution provider community
Candidates may be nominated by supervisors, co-workers, or channel colleagues
The candidate’s professional integrity shall be beyond question

Award Criteria

The ideal candidate should:

  • Have a record of achievement in offering guidance to and fostering development among channel professionals
  • Serve as an outstanding role model of professionalism by modeling appropriate professional behavior and positive professional standards.
  • Encourage others to be involved in professional development opportunities
  • Provide examples of people (men and women) who are working at organizations in the IT sector

A candidate’s contribution to mentoring outside of the channel such as sponsoring students in STEM-related courses will be considered by judges


Awards presentation

The winner will be recognized as the CDN 2022 Mentor of the Year at the Women in the  IT Channel Recognition Luncheon on August 25, 2022.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 8, 2022