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Acer to launch a new netbook next year

Plus, HP and ProCurve and RIM's Blackberry Storm

November 26, 2008
HP gives ProCurve a higher profile
Network World
Cisco Subnet writes that HP has given ProCurve a higher profile internally.

“According to the Times, this month, HP put ProCurve under its $38 billion Technology Solutions Group that’s headed up by Executive VP, Ann Livermore. And Marius Hass, who as head of HP’s strategy and corporate development group masterminded HP’s $13.9 billion purchase of EDS, is now leading HP’s networking business.”

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Acer Will Launch 10 Inch Netbook in February
Charlie Sorrel writes about a new netbook which is set to come out from Acer next year.

“Acer’s netbooks are set to get bigger and cheaper in the new year, according to Acer Taiwan boss Scott Lin. The company will be launching a 10” version of its Aspire One in February or March of 2009, clearly taking aim at the sweet spot for size and portability already covered by the Eee PC, the Wind and Dell’s Minispiron.”

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Economy Not So Bad That People Won’t Line Up To Buy A New Gadget
Mike Masnick highlights consumers’ desire for RIM’s new Blackberry Storm device.

“So, the economy is collapsing, consumer spending is way down, banks and auto companies are on the verge of going out of business, unemployment is up, foreclosures are up, and some might have you believe that we’re heading back to Great Depression style bread and soup lines. Luckily, it looks like we’re not quite there yet, as plenty of folks seemed willing to line up, not for some free grub, but to get the latest hot new phone, the Blackberry Storm.”

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