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Apple loses one in its iPad tablet war

Plus, which apps are downloaded on which OS? And, why two monitors aren't better than one

December 23, 2011

Apple loses one in its iPad tablet war On ZDNet, gives an update on the company’s battle with Samsung. “All I really know is that while it looks like the idiotic tablet design war may be coming to an end, with patents like the one Apple got, we can count on software patents getting in the way of true programming, design and engineering innovation for decades still to come,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Study: Apps are for Android, games for the iPhone On ReadWriteWeb, reports. “To a certain extent, it makes sense that games are downloaded more on iOS. Game developers tend to go to the platform first hardware on iOS devices makes it very conducive to making great games. Android is not far behind in that field. There must be some sociological reason that games are much more popular with iOS users. Do they have more spare time? More prone to the groupthink and doing what everyone else is doing? More affluent? Bored?” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Virtual desktops, or why two monitors aren’t better than one On The VAR Guy, explains why. “It’s not that a second physical screen isn’t cool to have – just like a private jet or pied-à-terre on the Champs de Mars would be nice to own. Instead, my argument was that dual monitors aren’t worth the extra investment and hassle involved, because virtual workspaces provide almost all the same functionality for free,” he writes. What’s your opinion?