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Canada ranks ‘typical’ in mobile video experience, 9th in download speed: Open Signal report


Canada ranks “good” in overall mobile video experience, according to Open Signal’s latest State of Mobile Video report that was released Sept. 25.

It also ranked high on overall download speeds, but Open Signal said that speeds have “little bearing” on video quality.

The report analyzed 69 countries on overall mobile video experience and overall mobile download speed. When it came to video experience, Canada was given a score of 59.93, which was measured on a scale of 0-100. Against the scale, the report said Canada was “good” in areas relating to picture quality, video loading time and stall rate.

Open Signal said that Canada’s score fell under the “typical mobile video experience.”

Czech Republic was number one on the list with a score of 68.52, which is considered “very good,” according to Open Signal’s criteria.

On overall speed, Canada ranked number 9 with download speeds averaging at 31.26 Mbps. That speed is considered the “average mobile data connection a user experiences based on both the speeds and availability of a country’s 3G and 4G networks,” the report said.

South Korea landed the number one spot with speeds averaging at 45.58 Mbps.

Open Signal indicated that mobile download speeds aren’t fully correlated to the quality of the video. Only countries that had an average speed of 15 Mbps saw this type of correlation.

“South Korea is the prime example. With an overall download speed of 45.6 Mbps, it was the fastest of the 69 countries by quiet some margin. Yet South Korea was well short of the top mark in video experience.

“It didn’t even make the cut of 11 countries in our Very Good rating. Rather it landed in the Good tier, right alongside several countries with nowhere near the sheer mobile broadband might of the East Asian 4G powerhouse,” the report said.

As average speeds get higher it had “little say in the matter of how good video experience actually was,” according to Open Signal, adding that speed is not an indication of how consumers are experiencing the internet or other applications.

In order to test videos, Open Signal used a metric taken from an International Telecommunication Union-based approach. Video samples are viewed on multiple resolutions and from different providers.

Open Signal collected 87 billion data points from 8 million users between the period of May 24 and Aug. 11.