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Channel moves may be happening at Cisco

Plus, what we've learned from Microsoft Word and the Google fighter jet

October 28, 2008
Microsoft Word at 25: What we’ve learned about applications
Shane Schick’s ComputerWorld
Shane Schick says we’ve learned a lot from Microsoft Word.

“As Microsoft Word turns 25, I think there’s a lot we can learn about usability and the long-term evolution of enterprise applications by looking at how word processing as matured.”

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Why Larry and Sergey bought a fighter jet
Owen Thomas has the scoop on the Google Boys’ latest expensive toy.

“Larry, Sergey, and Eric have a fighter jet, and you don’t. They also have a sweet place to park it: Moffett Field, the airstrip closest to the heart of Silicon Valley. Even Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has to get chauffeured down to San Jose to board his private plane. Remind us, how did the Googlers get such a sweet deal?”

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Big, quiet channel moves at Cisco Systems?
The VAR Guy
The VAR Guy has reports of some channel executive movement at Cisco Systems.

“A trusted source says recently promoted Senior VP Chuck Robbins has traded in his Atlanta ZIP code for a residence much closer to Cisco’s San Jose headquarters. But that’s not all. It sounds like Cisco is making multiple key moves within its channel ranks.”

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