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Consumers suffering at the hands of Microsoft

More on Microsoft's Euro troubles and a possible link up with HP and SAP

Sept. 18, 2007
Consumers suffering at the hands of Microsoft
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Todd Bishop supplements the Seattle P-I’s regular Microsoft coverage with this online journal.

”Today’s European court decision, largely rejecting Microsoft’s antitrust appeal, confirms that the company “can no longer prevent the market from functioning properly,” European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said at a news conference in Brussels, Belgium, this morning. She said the court decision confirms the commission’s view that “consumers are suffering at the hands of Microsoft.”

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HP and SAP a winning combo
Tech Target
A good source swore last week that Hewlett Packard is talking with SAP about buying the ERP kingpin.

“This guy is tight with HP insiders. And knee-jerk doubts aside, the idea is not so farfetched. Please note: I know nothing more about a potential deal than what this guy is saying. But, let’s think about it a second.”

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Long live music
Turbo Blog
Todd Watson is in his 15th year with IBM. He began his career working on two software magazines, for which he wrote on a variety of business technology topics before joining IBM’s Internet division in 1995.

”If you happened to be in Austin, Texas, this past weekend, and if you just happened to happen by the 6th Annual Austin City Limits Music Festival, you will have learned for certain that music is alive and well. You’ll note that I didn’t say the music “business” or “industry.” No, I’m just talking about the music part. “

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