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Edmonton-based solution provider implements patient medical record system

F12 Networks to work on the Kibera medical record initiative

F12 Networks Inc. of Edmonton is partnering with the Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) organization, which will support in the Kibera Medical Record Initiative (KMRI).

This initiative aims to introduce a new electronic health system by way of 93 clinics and hospitals which serve a population of approximately 800,000 people.

F12’s Service Plus offering provides a suitable environment for end-of-life equipment which will be re- purposed for further life as part of the ICChange KMRI. In addition to providing hardware for this initiative, F12 will work with the development team to ensure hardware integration is optimized. This will include testing and facilities to conduct live simulations. F12 will also sponsor two resources to participate in the initial deployment of the solution at the test facilities in Kibera which is scheduled for November.

Calvin Engen, Director of I.T., F12 Networks, said the spirit of this endeavor is around sustainability, allowing Kibera the ability to maintain and manage this project with their infrastructure and resources. Leveraging technology is what F12 does best, and to use this ability to allow Doctors to have patient information at their fingertips is very fulfilling. This in turn will help to provide patients with better care and a higher quality of life.

Abdullah Saleh, Chief Executive Director, ICChange said F12 developing and testing the medical records network and leveraging their partners will ensure the sustainability of the Kibera Medical Records Initiative. Their contributions will have a direct impact on the people of Kibera, and importantly help create a scalable model for other parts of the country and globally.