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Google Cloud Next: Cloud Services Platform packages together a bevvy of APIs


SAN FRANCISCO – Google updated its Google Cloud Platform offering with a more cohesive set of services that will help enterprises in both the development and operations department.

A vision for Google’s Cloud Services Platform is outlined in a blog post by Urs Holzle, senior vice-president of technical infrastructure at Google. It includes new hybrid computing capabilities and management, policy enforcement across Kubernetes container workloads, serverless computing, and new developer tools. Istio, an open source tool that allows operators to manage micro services will be released to version 1.0 in one week’s time, ready for production deployments. Google is also announcing a new method for managing this environment, which will allow administrators new ways to secure, monitor, and route their infrastructure.

Google will also bring its Kubernetes Engine to on-premises infrastructure, pulling the container service out of the cloud for enterprises that operate in a hybrid environment. GKE On-Prem will soon be released to alpha, allowing Kubernetes users to access management, monitoring, and support capabilities in the cloud or on-premises deployments. Also announced is GKE Policy Management, which makes it easier for administers to configure Kubernetes across the hybrid environment.

Google says new capabilities are being released today as well, including serverless workloads on Kubernetes Engine, an open-source serverless components toolbox in Knative, and a fully-managed continuous integration / continuous delivery tool in Cloud Build.